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Chinese, Sushi, Fresh Hibachi, Salad, American food, cotton candy machine, chocolate fountain, Hershey premium ice cream, and much more.

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Established in 2017.

As in the restaurant business for over 20 years, we believe in one very power concept in operating a successful business: Serving. So when we take over this business, we believe something has to be done regarding serving people right.

As frequent diner ourselves, we know how important it is to have a pleasure experience in your time spend together with your friends and family in a restaurant. So we make it simple: our promised promptly customer comment handling and satisfactions.

If you find anything that you concerned of, like unfriendly wait staff, unattended services, bathroom issue, food issue, to name just a few, please don’t hesitate to let any wait staff, seat host or hostess, cashiers know, the issue will be reported immediately to the on duty manager which will be addressed right away.

After all, we only have one goal in mind, leave our customer a satisfactory dining experience.

Thank You

Meet the Manager

Hello Greetings Fellow Diners:

My name is Mike, M. General Manager of this newly to be opened Big Mouth Buffet on Wednesday, 2/8/2017. We are very excited to be part of business community here in Henrico county and we feel privileged to have this opportunity to bring out unique dining pleasures to our surrounding clienteles.

We understand that when it comes to lunching or dining, the customers have their choices. So what makes us standing out from the rest is our three objectives: cleanliness, fresh variety of food selection including American, Sushi, Chinese, Hibachi, and last but not least, promised promptly customer comment handling and satisfactions (shoot us a comment on our website through email, we will reply in 24-48 business hours).

We know and are confident in our operation we can have our customers have very pleasing dining experience at very affordable price. When you come try us out, you will want to come back again to enjoy your lunch/dinner here.

See you all 2/8/2017

Thank You For Reading

Mike M. Manager